What’s about ?

This blog started as a Uni project, but it would continue as a personal one.
I’m a trainee Web journalist student at University of Sheffield. I came from Romania seeking unity in diversity and a new purpose in life, I reckon. I’m a film addict, a wanderer and a news gatherer. My blog will try to gauge all these factors into one piece.

Making choices is the hardest and the best thing a human being can do. This is my new blog which I’m trying to raise as my own baby – born overseas.

On this blog I’ll use my own photos, otherwise I will specify the source of them.

“Everything could have been everything else and it will have just as much meaning” (Mr. Nobody).


One Response to What’s about ?

  1. Hi babe! Can you put a subscribe-via-email element on here? I prefer that to RSS with quality people/Blogs like this one. 😉

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