Fresh juicy start

The way to my English home

I decided to create a new blog for practicing for my seminars at the University of Sheffield. I used to blog on 360 yahoo and blogspot, but then I stopped because my past jobs just dried me of my words, so when would I arrive home all I wanted were peace and silence. I missed writing for the soul, but this is a fresh start and a good chance to practice my English. Obviously, the other blogs were in Romanian.

This is not a thematic blog, the purpose of it is just to make me feel better and why not, to make other people feel better too, if I can bring any piece of happiness through my posts.

I’m a film lover, therefore I might use this blank virtual pages to promote or to write reviews on movies once in a while.
I’m a news gatherer or I try to be one, so I’ll be focusing on that through this blog.
I’m a bit of a dark, pessimistic, curious human being who likes to wander …..

so that’s what this blog is about!


About iulia
Internet, news & movie junkie. Freelance journalist and digital intern. Went to Sheffield Uni. I am a fan of long walks, secluded beaches, airports, dogs and football, urban photography, sad movies and eye-opening books, street art, cities, London, Salitos and the seaside, driving and technology. Usually a blue face, but I always smile on sunny days :)

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