Experimenting social media

how an addict looks like 🙂

Alright, after the seminar we had yesterday at the Uni with Matthew Eltringham from BBC I tried to get to know social media better. I think it can help you a lot in finding new stories, although going out on the streets is always better. However, this Tweetdeck is pretty smart and concise and I’m hoping to bring me some good stuff, because it’s pretty damn hard to start over with no connections in a new city. (e.g. Sheffield – for me)

On the other hand, I just think social media (including here the most famous twitter and facebook ) can eat you alive. I mean, there is so little of you and your true life left in the world. We could practically breathe the virtual air and nobody would bother. I love internet, it helps me a lot and gives me reasons to be happy, but what about the real stuff..that palpable thing that you believe in. It’s not superficial, it’s just that sometimes I miss the peace of a day in which I wouldn’t feel the need to go online.

Whatever, it could be just the late hour. I got two links to share:

1. First of all it’s a blog post about the guy from BBC. It’s on Christine Cawthorne’s website. (she teaches us, web students)

2. Secondly, it’s the trailer for a great movie about the inventor(s) of Facebook (this gigantic souls thief 😀 )


Fresh juicy start

The way to my English home

I decided to create a new blog for practicing for my seminars at the University of Sheffield. I used to blog on 360 yahoo and blogspot, but then I stopped because my past jobs just dried me of my words, so when would I arrive home all I wanted were peace and silence. I missed writing for the soul, but this is a fresh start and a good chance to practice my English. Obviously, the other blogs were in Romanian.

This is not a thematic blog, the purpose of it is just to make me feel better and why not, to make other people feel better too, if I can bring any piece of happiness through my posts.

I’m a film lover, therefore I might use this blank virtual pages to promote or to write reviews on movies once in a while.
I’m a news gatherer or I try to be one, so I’ll be focusing on that through this blog.
I’m a bit of a dark, pessimistic, curious human being who likes to wander …..

so that’s what this blog is about!

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